Analysis on the sales scale of global medical device market in 2018

The medical device industry is a multidisciplinary and technology-intensive industry. Multidisciplinary intersection is reflected in its involvement in polymer materials, life science, clinical medici

What are the international experiences of medical service delivery models

In traditional medical service delivery, medical services are only provided by hospitals and clinics. From medical treatment, laboratory, diagnosis, treatment to postoperative rehabilitation

The state attaches great importance to the localization of high-end medical devices

At this year's NPC and CPPCC sessions, wu mingjiang, a member of the CPPCC national committee and former vice chairman of the Chinese medical association, submitted a proposal to "comprehensively prom

2019 half-year inventory: the golden period of the pharmaceutical industry has passed, and medical s

In the past decade, driven by the government's increased investment in the medical and health industry, China's medical and health market has experienced a rapid development stage. With the continuous

eform of medical insurance and drug prices: the growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry will slow

The emergence of health insurance cost control began after 2010. Since 2011, some regions, such as Shanghai, have shifted from increasing income to reducing expenditure. In 2013, health care funds saw